Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leatherman Style PS - EDC Made Easy

Lately, I've been trying to find a way to integrate a small pair of pliers into my EDC system without overly increasing the bulk.  There are times when my Leatherman Wingman just isn't feasible, but I still want a pair of needle nose pliers and scissors on me.  Of all the functions on my multi-tool, the knife gets used the most, the scissors second, and the pliers the third.  Now, I suppose I could have gone with the Squirt PS4, but I also wanted the ability to quickly remove the multi-tool from my key ring and use it unencumbered.  As a result of this thinking, and the understanding that I always have my Swiss Army knife on my key ring, as well as an EDC knife in my pocket, the need for a small knife on a tool this size wasn't of utmost importance.  That's an important point because the Leatherman Style PS doesn't have a knife on it, whereas the CS does.  The CS has scissors as the primary tool whereas the PS has pliers as the primary.  Okay, great.  So all that being said, I chose the Style PS because what I give up with the blade, I gain three additional tools in return: needle nose pliers, regular pliers, and wire cutters.

Let's talk about ease of carry.  I said before that my Wingman isn't always suitable for carry, but there's no reason the Style PS can't come along all the time.  It's small size and super light weight make it almost invisible until it is needed.  Weighing in at 1.58 ounces at 2.9 inches long, it blends into my key set perfectly.  It's no bigger than a key fab.  The skeletonized body helps keep the weight down as well as give it a cool modernized look that anyone can appreciate, whether you are a gear nut or just an average Joe.  Giving it further style is the blackened stainless steel on the one side to provide a two tone effect.  Leatherman Style PS is printed just beneath the blackened portion so you know just what it is you are carrying... in case you forgot.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "James, you need to consolidate your keys, bro!"  Yeah, I know, but it's hard to do when you access each of these keys regularly.  Plus, I keep my AR15 front sight adjustment tool because I've forgotten it so many times when I go on shooting trips.  Besides, I've seen guys with a lot more keys and crap on them anyway, and mine fit in my pocket unobtrusively without jangling from a hook on the belt loop of my Carhartt jeans.  Note, the Victorinox Rally as well.  Some of the functions between these two tools, like the file, flat screwdriver bottle opener, and tweezers are going to be repeats, but who cares?  Two is one and one is none, remember?  Besides, each tool gives me something the other doesn't, like a knife on the Rally and scissors & pliers on the Style PS.  More importantly, as I've stated before, I can remove the Style PS quickly via the carbiner, which doubles as a bottle opener.

While we're on the subject of the tools, let's run down all the functions that this thing has: You have the needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters (spring loaded I might add), scissors, file, small flat screwdriver (for your glasses), tweezers, carabiner clip, and bottle cap opener.  In a given month, I will, at some point, need any one of these tools provided by the Style PS.  I think the only thing that could be done to improve upon this particular design is to ditch the file and integrate a small knife instead, but that's a relatively moot point when you're carrying a Sypderco Endura4 in your pants pocket, or on a Victorinox swiss army knife attached to your key chain.  Either way, The Style PS fills a really big void when you are in a situation where your larger multi-tool may be unsuitable for carry.  Besides, this is an elegant way to be prepared.


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