Saturday, July 21, 2012

Once Again: The Importance of Concealed Carry

I figured I'd open this entry with a picture someone sent me on Facebook, and I think it provides a great opening statement in support of legal concealed carry wherever possible.  These two incidents occurred two days from each other, the situations involved bad guys intending to do harm, yet the outcomes were completely different. Why?  Simple. In the first story, the elderly gentleman was carrying a legally concealed weapon and was able to stop the attack.  The people gunned down in Colorado were not.

Now, before I continue, I wish to express my deepest sympathy for the victims of the Colorado shooting.  It was a senseless act of violence and my heart goes out to the victims and their families in this difficult time, and my prayers are with them.

All too often, I hear people talk to me like I'm crazy for stating that I carry my gun into places like movie theaters, grocery stores, parks, restaurants, my own home, or any other place that I'm legally able to do so.  They label me as paranoid or ask what the heck I'm afraid of.  Well, then something like this happens to make national headlines, and suddenly all my same friends tell me that they now understand (sort of) why I carry, but then forget in a few months after the knee-jerk calls for stricter gun control blow over and the story no longer draws viewers over to MSNBC.

Yet in spite of all this, there are those of us who do understand and remember.  We continue to carry, train, and keep an open mind and a sense of awareness of the things around us because should something like this happen again, we want to be able to stop the attack, or at least go down fighting like Americans - not French -Canadian sheep.

And then it hits.  People call for gun control.  "If guns were illegal, then this man wouldn't have had the hardware to do this."  Bullshit!  You honestly think that banning guns will get them off the street?  Get real!  Heroin is illegal too, yet I know exactly where I can go to acquire some.  America is flooded with all things illegal, like drugs, illegal weapons, contraband items, and there is no shortage of people who are in the market for such things.  All banning guns will do is send them underground.  The next thing you know, the black market will be flooded with [now] illegal weapons that can be had anywhere in any city in any state for very cheap.  Don't believe me?  Give me $500 and a few hours, and I'll produce a stolen weapon just to show you how easy it is to accomplish.  Banning firearms serves to do nothing except disarm a law-abiding public while allowing criminals to stay criminals and keep their illegal guns.  At this point, the argument against gun control is so glaringly obvious that completely ignorant morons are the only ones that believe it will actually work.  Oh, and here comes the gun control supporter's worst nightmare: England.  I don't need to say anymore.  Google gun control in England.  See how you feel about gun control after some light reading on the state of affairs in that poor country.

Now I'm not saying that if I was there, at that movie theater, things might have been different.  From what I understand, the bad guy was clad head to toe in armor, but that doesn't mean he couldn't have been stopped.  You know what the real problem is?  It's not the fact that he was a lone gunman shooting into a crowd of unarmed people.  It's that he was shooting into a crowd of unarmed sheep.  I'm sorry if this offends you, but it's true.  Remember 9-11?  Remember the folks on flight 93?  They rose up and stopped a potential terrorist attack by overcoming the hijackers and retaking the plane, only to nose dive it into a Pennsylvania field rather than become human missiles.  That sort of heroism should be lauded in this country.

Yet for as long as I can remember, people in positions of authority have been pounding the phrase "Don't be a hero" into our heads.  No, let the police take care of that; it's their job.  No, their job is to show up afterwards and either take a report or draw a chalk line around your dead body.  Where were the cops when this attacker showed up and mowed down a crowd of innocent people?  Hmm, nowhere.  That's because most police work is reactionary in nature.  They couldn't predict this deranged man would do this - otherwise they'd have had a contingent of S.W.A.T. waiting for him.

The problem is that nobody in that crowd had the intestinal fortitude to do what was necessary and rally everyone to bum-rush the bad guy.  I mean, c'mon folks.  You're gonna die anyway.  You might as well go down trying to be the hero, which is what you are if you run toward the danger in an effort to save lives.  Having a gun is better because you can shoot at him too.  One-hundred people bearing down on one man will be triumphant.  Sure, people will die, but people died anyway, so what's the difference?  The difference is they could have saved more lives and stopped an attacker's butt cold.

But this situation was the exact opposite.  People cowered and ran for the exits rather than stand up and face this threat head on, conceding to be shot in the back rather than go down with their fist's clenched in fury as they throw themselves upon their attacker and fight for their very lives.  No, society has taught us to lay down and die rather than to be a hero.

Someone told me that guns were not allowed at the particular venue in question.  I don't know the validity of that, but I can speak to it hypothetically.  For starters, in my situation, I carry wherever and whenever legal.  This also means that I choose not to patronize establishments that make it clear they do not want weapons on the premises.  End of story.  Hey, if they feel they have a need to restrict my inalienable human right to self defense with a firearm, as recognized by the 2nd Amendment, then I feel I have a need to restrict them from collecting my money in exchange for goods and services.  There are too many gun friendly establishments in this world that would love nothing more than to have me walk in with my legally concealed firearm.

When we choose to exercise our right to refuse to patronize anti-gun establishments, we are voting with our actions.  Better yet, if we can find a way to let the establishment know why we are not utilizing their services (phone call, business card in the door or window, email, Facebook message board, etc), we are letting them know that there are real consequences that negatively affect their ability to do business based on their erroneous line of thinking.  My question is, why wouldn't you want legally armed citizens in your establishment?  They are obviously higher caliber (pun intended) people than low life thugs or dumb-ass hipsters or those weird emo kids that everyone seems to hate.  Pretty soon, would be robbers get the idea that trying to knock off a pro gun establishment is a really bad idea.

And that's part of the issue with this shooting in Colorado.  Okay, maybe guns were allowed, maybe they weren't.  If they weren't, then it's a prime example of how criminals are emboldened to go through with crimes such as these.  It's the same old song and dance every time.  You have a venue, or a school, or church, etc where guns are not allowed, and some whack job rolls in with weapons and has a hay day at the expense of a lot of citizens.  On the other hand, if an establishment is pro gun, or just doesn't care one way or the other, and a few of these mass shootings are stopped cold by well aimed fire from a law-abiding citizen, the criminals soon learn that actions such as mass shootings are probably not in their best interest.

The last part of this is avoidance.  Hey, if I can't carry a gun in an establishment, I just won't go there.  What's the need?  I mean, unless it's the post office or picking my kid up from school (which awesomely enough, it's legal to carry your concealed gun into a school in Utah), then I have no business putting my neck out like that for the sake of some bullshit that was trivial to begin with.  Do I want to see Batman?  Sure.  Do I want to lose my life or feel unsafe because I can't bring my gun to the movie with me?  HELL NO!!!  As an aside, I don't know how long it's been since you last went to a movie theater, but there are some really weird wacko's that go there besides you.  I'm not saying they are harmful (they are probably completely harmless), but then again nobody thought a man would just run into a crowd and start shooting everyone on opening night of a Batman movie.  The point is that you don't know and you can't know.  The best we can do, as armed citizens, is to make sure that we practice jurisprudence when we decide where and where not to go as we do the things in our lives that bring us joy.

Once again, my heart goes out to the victims of this senseless tragedy, and pray for them and their families as they go through this difficult time.  But I implore you, the law-abiding citizen to gun up, get training, get a permit, and carry a damned gun with you EVERYWHERE YOU GO if you are legally able to do so.  It might just save your life someday.

Stay safe!



  1. I absolutely agree 100% James! You really write well. You should consider submitting to conservative news outlets or even the NRA.

    Dave Cunningham

  2. Perfectly said. Agree 110%