Friday, September 28, 2012

Magpul MBUS GEN 2

I was bored with the BUIS (back-up iron sights) that came standard on my Ruger SR556.  Though they are some of the best in the industry, the user interface isn't as fast or stream-lined as I wanted.  I've been eyeballing these Magpul MBUS (Magpul Back-up Sights) sights for a long time, and decided to finally give in to my curiosity.  Aside from a couple of lemons, I've really only heard good things about these sights.  I like the way they look on modern firearms, and believe they compliment many weapon systems nicely.  For under $100, for the pair, you too can have a set of quality irons from a company known for excellent and high quality weapon accessories.  Magpul made a home run with these sights.  This entry will be picture heavy because there's just too much to talk about with a few pictures.  Here we go.

These sights are super easy to install.  The only tool needed is a flat blade screwdriver.  Leatherman Juice to the rescue!

Starting with the front, all you do to install these guys is pull the charging handle of your AR15 back and lock the bolt to the rear.  Leave the charging handle in the rear-most position.  Then you remove the cross bolt from the sight and slide the sight onto the picatinny rail.  The sight cannot be canted one way or the other because of this ingenious method of mounting it.  It is self centering as well.  Then just run the bolt through the hole and tighten it against the nut on the other side.  The above picture shows the sight stowed up front.  Note that I have not mounted the sight to the gas block.  The heat would melt it.

Deployed, the sight pops up lightening fast.  All you do is press down on the ambidextrous thumb tab on either side or you can karate chop the top pad.  The sight pops up in the blink of an eye.  These are fast.  Going back down is a snap too.  All you do is fold it.  No messing with lock bars or any of that crap.  The detents that hold the sight up and down are nice and stiff.

The front sight post is precise, and the inward curved ears help create the sight picture.  Note the spring down there in the hinge.  Easy access for cleaning.  If the material left over from molding bothers you, a few seconds with sand paper or a razor blade will smooth out the edges.

The rear sight is more of the same, but instead of the post, you get a ring.  Windage adjustments are made with the knob on the sight's right side.  I mounted mine back so it gives maximum sight radius without interfering with the charging handle.  As an aside, elevation adjustments are made with the front sight, either with the included tool, a bullet, or any other sight tool, like the one I have from Tapco.

Here's a close up of the rear aperture.  When totally battened down, the small aperture goes into the large aperture, giving you the long range setting.  You quickly flick the small aperture forward and out of the way to switch to the large aperture.  This way, the sights can be folded with either the small or large aperture at the ready, whichever you prefer or need.  As a note, if you leave the small aperture folded out, it will stick up a little when the sight is folded down. 

When installed, the sights are unobtrusive and give the weapon a clean and streamlined appearance.  They sit lower than the Troy BUIS that came with the weapon and they weigh less too.  The Magpul MBUS almost disappear when not needed.

When needed, the sights can be deployed faster than you can say "Holy shit," which very well could be what you'd say if your red dot took a crap when you needed it most.  In fact, when I showed my wife, she thought they were inter-connected at first because I timed it perfectly when I flicked them up at the same time.  Try doing that with other sights!

Since I installed the new sights, I verified they have been mechanically zeroed, and then set my red dot sight with them.  I think the windage was a little off anyway.  When deployed the Magpul MBUS sights cowitness in the lower 1/3 of the scope.

I will most likely paint the front post a bright color to contrast against the typical black and white targets I always seem to shoot at.  The contrast helps with my astigmatism, especially when shooting at longer ranges.  The local outdoor range only goes out to 25 yards, but that will be good enough for a home defense zero.  When I can find some time to get out to the desert, I can set them for my usual 50 yard zero.

Buy some of these!



  1. Thanks, I have an SR556E and I have been looking for some sights. I think that I have found them.

  2. They are really good sights. I took my SR556 out and sighted it in at 50 yards, supported only by the windshield of my Jeep, and needed only to correct the elevation. Windage was dead nuts on.

  3. The iron sights look on modern excellent and high quality weapon accessories in the pictures.