Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Witnessed a Train Collision

This was filmed by myself.  I was working in Wellington, Utah when a train collided with a truck. You can read my description, from youtube, below:

While working out in Wellington, UT, I witnessed a train collision with a water truck. I happened to get it on video because I was taping the train for my 4-year old son, who is a big fan of Thomas the Train. As I started recording, I was looking down to see where the train was, and panned the camera over to the engine and followed it to the crossing. Little did I realize that it was about to destroy the water truck. I turned away for a moment just before the collision to see how long the train was and heard what sounded like a stick of dynamite exploding, only to turn back to see the truck being mauled to death by the train. I was stunned for a moment because it was surreal to see this happening right before me. After I gathered myself, I turned off the camera and ran as fast as I could to help the men inside the truck. I was expecting to see bodies when I got there. Thank God the two men were okay - not even a scratch.  That was one heck of a ride for them, and they are the luckiest men I know.  Despite the fact that the train destroyed the truck, the men inside were okay and they are alive, and will be going home to their families tonight. I spoke to the conductor on the train, and the two men aboard are okay as well.  I'm so thankful that this didn't end as bad as it could have, and will keep these men, and their families, in my prayers tonight.
I've been contacted by many news agencies wanting to share this video, and I did end up on t.v. in a few places.  The two news agencies, I'll link below:

Another link below:

Train Collides With Truck In Carbon County |


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