Friday, December 21, 2012

High Capacity Magazines

My mind has been going crazy with all the knee-jerk reactions coming out of the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 innocent kindergarten age children were murdered by a monster who stole weapons, after killing his own mother.  This cold, calculated attack was brutal, and the shooter (who shall not be named in this blog) is surely burning in hell right now.

Within hours of this massacre, the anti-gun politicians, their constituents, and their cronies were getting on the airwaves, talking about gun control, limiting the types of guns that we can buy, limiting ammunition sales, banning high capacity magazines, and "assault weapons" among other things.  Of course, as soon as fellow gun owners and myself got onto various forms of social media to defend the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, we were shouted down by the anti-gunners, who told us to have some respect for the dead children and teachers who were killed by our tools of pure evil.  While we tried to point out that they were up within hours of the killings trying to strip away our inalienable right to self defense, they shouted us down yet again.  Then they blatantly insulted us and told us we had blood on our hands.  Hypocrites!

The National Rifle Association, out of respect for the victims in this latest attack, remained silent until today.  They issued a press release calling for a plan of action to put armed police and professional security forces in all schools across the nation by January of 2013.  So far, the NRA is the only group that has come up with a reasonable solution to a simple problem.  We protect our gold with guns.  Why do we protect our children with only good intentions?

Be that as it may, my argument in this entry is going to be gear specifically toward the futility of banning high capacity magazines in handguns and long guns.  You'll notice I didn't use the term "assault weapon."  That is a political term that the left has used for decades to describe any gun that looks scary to them.  In fact, if you asked me how many assault weapons I have in my house, I'd say "all of them."  Even my Ruger 10/22 can be a pretty effective weapon to "assault" someone with.  But I digress.

What many media outlets are reporting is that there is a call from certain members of government, and various anti-gun organizations (and even some people who used to be pro-gun - I'll address that in another entry), that want to limit magazine capacity in firearms to 10 rounds.  This is a preposterous argument.  If my Beretta M9A1 came with a 15 round magazine, it stands to reason that this magazine is not a "high capacity" magazine, but a "normal capacity" magazine.  Asking me to limit my magazine capacity to ten rounds would be like me asking you to install a smaller fuel tank on your car.  It's stupid.

People who have never even fired a gun, much less held one, have this idea in their minds that having more ammunition in the magazine somehow makes the weapon more deadly.  This simply is not true.  The weapon, by sheer virtue of what it is, is deadly with just one bullet.  In fact, the average fire fight is over in three rounds and the average distance is three feet.  Now one might think that this is a good argument as to why we only need 10 round magazines, but in reality, it is quite the opposite.  The problem with averages is that you have the extremes on either end of the spectrum that affect the overall average.  So if one person only needed one round, it brings the average down.  If one person needs 20, it brings the average up.  It's like the old Civil War statistics that said the average soldier was 18 years old when in reality, most were old men and many were children under the age of 16.

Skilled shooters know better.

Now I'm not going to come on here and claim to be the end all be all of firearms skill and shooting knowledge, but I am better than average.  I'm better than many police officers.  I've spoken to SWAT guys (you know, the real shooting professionals of law enforcement) who have told me that they've seen cops come to the range to qualify, and when they pull their gun out of their holster, the slide was rusty.  That's because many cops aren't gun guys.  Just because you wear a badge and carry a gun doesn't mean you are an expert shooter.  Becoming an expert shooter takes years of training and practice.  Now, I'm 32 years old, but I've been shooting for 27 of these 32 years.  You do the math.  Yeah, I was 5 years old when my father, a police officer who shot expert, taught me how to shoot.  I knew the real meaning of the 2nd Amendment by the time I was 10 years old.  I've been handling and shooting all types of weapons my whole life.  So I have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about when it comes to shooting in general, especially from a concealed carry or home defense aspect.  I'm here to tell you that guns in the hands of well armed and well trained civilians is the only thing that keeps your right to protest my right to keep and bear arms a right.  But I digress... again.

Today, I'm not all words on a screen.  Nope, I broke out my pocket camera and shot a short video to demonstrate something - something that words seem unable to penetrate the thick skulls of gun grabbing liberals, who have this preconceived notion that limiting magazine capacity will somehow make the shooter less deadly than a shooter with a "high capacity" magazine.

Magazine capacity means nothing to a practiced operator.  It takes me three seconds to reload a magazine on a bad day - less than two seconds on a good day.  It is not difficult to reload and recharge a semi-automatic handgun, or rifle for that matter.  With a little practice, you develop muscle memory and dexterity that allows you to reload a magazine into your handgun.  Whether it is a 10 round magazine or a 20 round magazine, it doesn't matter.  If I was a shooter, and was shooting up a movie theater, or a mall, or even a school, all the confusion and pandemonium of my first shots would give me plenty of time to extract my spent magazine and reload another.  Hell, we won WWII using M1 Garand rifles that only held 8 rounds in an en bloc clip, loaded into an internal magazine.  Skilled shooters then knew how to get their guns back into the fight because if they didn't learn how, they were killed.

What all this means is that a skilled shooter wastes no time in getting their weapon recharged and back into the fight.  Magazine change-out is part of the training regiment in many shooting schools around the nation, and the ability to get back online as quickly as possible is paramount to survival.  From a murderer's perspective, it simply means bringing a few extra magazines to the killing spree.  After all, if they are targeting gun free zones, it's not like anybody is going to stop them, is there?  Even with a fast police response time, a mass-murderer can shoot out, reload, shoot out, reload, shoot out, and keep reloading until all his magazines are empty, save the last round he saved for his skull.  It takes mere seconds to fire off a magazine with decently aimed shots.

From a self defense standpoint, having high capacity magazines is paramount to surviving an assault or crime that could endanger your life, or the lives of others.  In the interest of self defense, we don't have two seconds to reload our diminished capacity magazines and reload.  We are either being shot at ourselves, or someone is trying to stab us, attack us, kill us, or kill our family.  In the precious moments we have, we need to discharge as many rounds into our target(s) as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

I read a post on Facebook from some weirdo anti-gun second cousin in-law of mine (who wants to drain Lake Powell btw), wrote that we should be limited to three rounds in our guns because if we can't hit our target in three rounds, we suck.  Obviously, she knows nothing about terminal ballistics, self defense mentality, physiological changes that happen in your body when you are being attacked, and has never tried to hit a moving target in her life.  My immediate response to that argument is that we should just limit our soldiers to three rounds then because, after all, they don't suck.  But anybody with a brain in their head knows better.

You may just have to dump 10 or more rounds into a bad guy before he stops.  Handguns aren't exactly the most powerful guns on earth.  Despite what people think, all handgun calibers pretty much suck when compared to rifles.  But we don't go around carrying rifles everyday now do we?  If I knew I was going into a fire fight, I'd bring a rifle, my chest rig, and some body armor.  But I'm not, so I carry a handgun.

And what if I miss?  It's entirely possible.  Police shootouts often end with the perpetrator lying in a pool of his own blood, yet only two or three of the 15 rounds the cop shot actually connected.  Why is it that these professionals could miss when so many bullets were fired?  Well, it has to do a lot with hyper-stress, fear, and the fact that most bad guys don't just stand there waiting for you to take a perfect shot.  Nope.  Sorry to burst your bubble, liberals, but most bad guys are either running toward you, away from you, or side to side. And you know what?  I'm moving too.  In a defense training session, I like to remain a moving target myself. One is because I don't have some fancy rig to move a target left or right in front of me, but also because I myself do not want to be ventilated by the bad guy if he has his own gun.  Does this increase the possibility that I'll miss my target.  You bet!  But it will also increase the bad guy's chances.  And my money is on me because I actually take the time to do this shit out in the desert!

Below, I have a video demonstration of a handgun reload, and just how fast it is.  Please note that I did not do any warm-up prior to making the video.  I simply grabbed one of my handguns, a few magazines, and a mag carrier.  This is all off the cuff, totally unscripted and raw.  My first magazine change from the slide locked open to back online with a close slide is just about three seconds.  My second reload is a bit faster.  Given a few weeks of practice, you can become extremely fast at this.  So it doesn't matter if you have 10 rounds, 15 rounds, or 3 rounds.  If you can charge your gun, you can keep shooting.  Don't take my word for it.  Watch for yourself.

Banning high capacity magazines is an exercise in futility.  We know our weapons.  We know how to manipulate them.  We are skilled at our craft.  And if you think that Americans are going to go quietly in the night, chew on this.  As of today, 12/21/12, there are no high capacity magazines available anywhere online or in stores across America. Why?  It's not because your beloved leaders took them away from us.  Oh no no no.  If they did that, we'd all be gearing up for a revolution right now.  It's because 80 Million lawfully armed Americans all let out a collective exclamation of "oh shit" and bought them all!  If there is one thing Americans are really good at, it is voting with their wallets.  Sales of so-called "assault weapons," handguns, high capacity magazines, ammunition, and other gear is at a fever pitch right now.  I would know because I have five 30-round magazines for my AR-15 on back-order from  What you anti-gun liberals have done is just made yourselves the best gun salesmen in history.  Talk about unintended consequences.  Good job!


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