Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Time To Stand Is NOW

I encourage you to click on the link above and read the article on the newly proposed language of the impending assault weapons ban.

This is my facebook response:

Friends, it is time to stand! Write your legislators and tell them this will not be allowed. ALL GUN OWNERS!!! If you aren't standing now, it is time to stand up and fight. Make your voice heard and do not allow this legislation to pass. It will affect over 100 MILLION gun owners, will cost the nation BILLIONS of dollars we can't afford, and will only result it making it harder for law-abiding citizens (the ones you don't need to worry about) to obtain guns to protect themselves and their families. It will not, however, have any affect whatsoever on the criminal element in our country, which already does not obey the over 20,000 existing gun regulations/laws on the books. Look at history, and judge for yourself. Columbine happened DURING the first assault weapons ban. Newtown occurred despite the fact that Connecticut has a current assault weapons ban. Mexico, which has total gun control, suffers murders with guns 55,000 times a year. England, which has total gun control, has violent crime rates that make America look tame. Australia, which instituted total gun control only a year ago, has experienced appalling murder, violent crime, armed robbery, and rape case increases since it was enacted. Do not follow the same path of these governments and nations. Educate yourself. Open your eyes. Understand that liberty, freedom, security, and your ability to protest, and guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment and those of us who are willing to bear the burden of owning firearms and standing as a first and last line of defense against governments who would pervert liberty and subvert our laws to their own means and satisfaction. While you are told that you do not need a gun to protect yourself, Obama has hundreds of guns protecting him. While you are told that your children don't need guns to protect them in schools, Obama's children attend a school with no less than eleven armed guards in place. These people are no more important to me than my own children and I am willing to give my own life to protect them and to protect the freedoms I cherish. My only regret is that I have only 1 life to give in defense of liberty.

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