Saturday, December 29, 2012

Write To Your Senators and State Representatives

To some, your voice may fall upon deaf ears.  It certainly seems that way if you petition at  President Obama seems to think that he knows what you are really thinking when you tell him that you do not want a new assault weapons ban.  The arrogance of that man is sickening.  I'm tired of all this.  I have decided to make my voice heard by my state representatives and senators.  If you want to send a message to your representatives of your state, but are feeling a bit of writer's block, I encourage you to take what I have written, tweak it however you feel for your state situation, and send it on.  The more people we can get writing, the more voices will be heard, and perhaps we can shoot down Frankenstein's new assault weapons ban legislation for good.

Text of my letter below.

Honorable Senator Hatch:

I am writing to make my voice heard regarding Senator Dianne Feinstein's new attempt on an "assault weapon ban."  I oppose any all attempts to further restrict or deny we, the law-abiding people, from owning firearms described in her newest piece of proposed legislation.  I also oppose restrictions on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.  As any firearms enthusiast, and expert will tell you, limiting magazines to 10 rounds or less will not have any measurable affect on crimes committed with firearms capable of accepting magazines with more than 10 rounds.  In fact, during the last assault weapons ban, guns confiscated after crimes that actually had "high capacity" magazines in them were stamped law enforcement or military only, which were illegal to possess in the first place.  Banning high capacity magazines will not deter crime - it will only make it frustrating for law-abiding citizens (the ones you need not worry about) to obtain them.  This new assault weapons ban will do nothing to deter crime, especially mass shootings.  If you look at the Sandy Hook massacre, you will note that the state of Connecticut already has an existing assault weapons ban in place, and it did absolutely nothing to deter this evil man from walking into the school, killing 20 children.  If you look at the information, a so-called "assault weapon" wasn't even used.

You must also know that the 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting or sport.  It is about regular everyday citizens being armed, not only for self defense reasons, but to stand as a final check against a government that would work to pervert the Constitution and infringe upon our rights as citizens of These United States.  I admonish you to tell the federal government that you will not support any assault weapons ban, or legislation that further encroaches on our rights, as American citizens, to keep and bear arms.  As armed Americans, we have grown weary of these attacks and infringements upon our rights.  As gun owners, we are the most regulated people in These United States.  With 20,000 or so gun control laws already on the books, isn't it time to start enforcing the laws we have rather than imposing new and dramatically unconstitutional laws?  What did the last assault weapons ban get us?  Nothing of consequence.  These so-called "assault weapons" are used in less than 2% of crimes, and many of those were committed by law enforcement officers - the ones we pay to protect us.  In addition, Columbine happened in the height of the first assault weapons ban, and many kids were killed there.  This, combined with Sandy Hook, are two prime examples of why legislation like this does not work!  Timothy McVeigh used a box truck, some diesel fuel, and fertilizer to kill 168 people, including many children; he did not use a gun.  The 19 terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks did not use guns or explosives; they used box cutter knives.  BOX CUTTER KNIVES!!!  The point is that evil people exist and no matter how much you restrict their access to the most regulated pieces of equipment on the planet, they will find other - sometimes more deadly - means of carrying out their evil intentions.  Guns are not the problem.  In fact, banning guns will just send them underground.  You can look at our failures in the drug war to see an example of how effective this gun control would be.  Look at the Prohibition era.  Alcohol went underground.  You can't legislate morality.  When the guns go underground, criminals will have more access to firearms because these will not be regulated.  My guns have never been used to commit a crime, and as long as they remain in my law-abiding hands, they never will.

I admonish you to support concealed carry in our Utah schools, openly saying so.  We already have the right to do so, but we need to put the word out to our administrators, teachers, and other faculty that their concealed weapons permit allows them to do so without fear of being charged for crimes they do not commit.  We need to set an example for the rest of the nation to follow.  Here, we have no mass shootings in our schools, and the reason is because criminals know there are armed citizens, good people, who stand ready to invoke their 2nd Amendment right to stand against evil from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I also admonish you to abolish the federal Gun Free Zone act.  If nothing else, ensure that gun free zones don't exist in the state of Utah.  Recent history has shown that "gun free zones" are nothing more than free killing zones because criminals that want to make a big impact will choose these locations to do their heinous crimes.  And why not?  They won't meet any opposition until the police arrive, which will be minutes later, and by that time the damage is already done.  As soon as the murderer is confronted by police, he puts a bullet in his head.  If we take away gun free zones, we put criminals on notice that he may encounter a citizen with a concealed weapons permit, and faced with that idea, the bad guy will most likely think twice.  Why?  Because criminals don't want to work.  If they did, they'd get a job.  When you confront a bad guy with a gun, you become work.  And as long as the bad guy is shooting at me, the concealed weapon permit holder, he is not shooting unarmed, innocent people, including children.

Lastly, I admonish you to put forth your own legislation that tells the federal government to stay out of Utah.  We invoke our 9th and 10th Amendment rights to tell the federal government that we will not uphold laws that are unconstitutional and will work to ensure that citizens of Utah remain free of these treasonous out of state senators, who would disarm the people for their own ends.

I thank you for your time in reading this.

Most sincerely,

James Wood 

PS: I came across a well-written article on gun control that author Larry Correia has put together.  It is worth the effort to read and understand just how Americans think when it comes to gun control.

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  1. I too have a section set up to contact my senator on my blog site. I have included links to all of our legislators emails so that any person can contact their rep and let their voice be heard. Here is the link if you are so inclined to post it onto the bottom of your piece. Well written, by the way. We have to let our voices be heard about this.