Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gun Appreciation Day - Salt Lake City

With current events as they are, gun control is the number one topic on leftist channels, such as CNN, MSNBC, KSL, and the like.  They are attempting to paint a picture of WE THE PEOPLE, also known as gun owners and patriots, as a radical fringe element that needs to be reigned in with draconian gun control laws that will serve no purpose other than to control the citizenry and force them into submission.  If you followed my AR-15 Justification blog entry, you know exactly where I stand on this issue.  Suffice it to say, I'm not going to get into that debate here.  I want to walk you through what it was like to rally around fellow patriots and concerned citizens alike on this chilly day in January.

The morning started with breakfast at a local greasy spoon with a couple of families we met up with through social media.  With only a few minutes of acquaintances under our belts, we all knew that we all just get it.  There really wasn't any need to justify anything to each other - we basically confirmed what each other thought and spent breakfast getting to know each other's families and watching all the kids run around doing what kids do.

After breakfast, my family, and another we had just met, boarded the train to head to the Capitol.  After a brief train ride, we took a brisk walk in 20 degree weather up to the Capitol Steps.  As we hiked up the hill, I wondered to myself why states always seem to put capitol buildings on hills.  I noticed car after car after car driving up the road, filled with passengers arriving to create a ground swell around the south steps of the Capitol.  After arriving, and working the stroller up the steps, we found ourselves with a pretty good vantage point of the podium that the organizers had set up.

We were surrounded on all sides by patriots open carrying their pistols and revolvers, concealed carrying said weapons, some with rifles slung over their shoulders, others with homemade signs, still others with Gadsden flags, American flags, MOLON LABE (Come and Take Them) flags, men, women, children, people from all walks of life and circumstances, all gathered in the frigid Utah air at one place to show their support for the 2nd Amendment and to exercise their right to influence political process by protest.  It was an amazing sight.  And my first thought was, "well, I feel pretty safe here."  Standing in a sea of gun owners, I wondered what the liberals would think of us now when no shot was fired, nobody was arrested, no one was defecating on the side walks, and as we waited for the speeches to commence, everyone stood in silent reverence and respect for the political process we came to uphold and support.

The mood was that of excited anticipation.  We knew there would be speakers, and we were curious to know what the Utah Legislature had in mind for this event.  As you may or may not know, several states have signed into law acts that will protect their borders from federal encroachment and enforcement of draconian gun laws.  Our first speaker was a Baptist minister, who gave an inspiring speech.  With many cheers and applauds, he went on to bow his head and offer a prayer to our Lord God.  To my pure delight, everyone in attendance, whether they be Christian, agnostic, atheist, or not religious at all, bowed their heads in reverence and respect, as Kevin Brooks prayed openly and unapologetically for the preservation of our liberty and safety of those who will stand to preserve it.

Feeling the spirit of patriotism and pride, I was more than happy when one of the announcers asked us to remove our hats and assist him in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  I am not ashamed to admit that I as said those words, tears welled up in my eyes.  My love of country runs deep, and the cause of liberty courses through my veins.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I like cheese.  I also like liberty.  As we all stood there, hands over our hearts, soldiers in salute, we all recited, as one, the Pledge of Allegiance, and it was recited resolutely, without shame for what is is or who we are.  We are Americans.  We pledge allegiance to the flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

We heard from Candace Salima, a talk show host, who gave a chilling retell of her father's ordeal in Nazi-occupied Europe.  The things that people had to endure in those days are the very reason we hold the 2nd Amendment so near and dear.  One of the parts that struck me was the fact that her father got ahold of this old, hard bread, and practically had to chip away with a a knife to break off pieces of it, and he said it was the most delicious thing he had eaten in years.  The people of Amsterdam were unarmed, and Amsterdam fell in 8 hours under the Blitzkrieg attacks of the German army.

Then we heard from my favorite youtube personality, Nutnfancy.  Yes, he was announced as Nutnfancy.  Love it!  In a short (for him) speech, he delivered a powerful message of liberty, freedom, preservation of essential liberties, and a warning for gun control advocates.  Don't piss off the rattlesnake.  Leave it alone.  I found the symbolism appropriate given the fact that there were no less than 30 Gadsden flags being flown when he said it.  (I recorded his speech with my iPhone.  I will post the video in further blog entries.)

Afterwards, we heard from W. Clark Aposhian from the Utah Sports Shooting Council (USSC).  This man is considered one of the big three when it comes to gun rights in Utah, and he reiterated the importance of keeping the 2nd Amendment for the citizens of Utah.  He made valid arguments for concealed carry in all schools in Utah, and stated, factually, that we have never had a school shooting, nor did students take a teacher's gun from them, nor did we ever have accidental discharges, or any other gun crime committed on school property in the State of Utah.

The last major speaker of the day was Representative Brian Greene, from District 57.  He used the podium to give us two important pieces of news.  The first was to announce a letter written by the Utah Sheriff's Association to President Obama.  This letter, while respectful and sensitive to the current issues at hand, sent a clear warning to the President that no federal official will be allowed to descend upon Utah citizens and take from them what the Bill of Rights, particularly the 2nd Amendment, has given them, and are prepared to trade their lives to preserve the original interpretation of the 2nd Amendment in the State of Utah.  In essence, no foreign invader will subject Utah citizens to draconian federal measures to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms, lest they want to get shot in the face.

The second piece of news was Greene's announcement of the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.  This bill, if passed into law, will make it a felony for federal officials to come into Utah and attempt to force the citizens of the great State of Utah to be subjected to federal laws that continue to errode our second Amendment rights, and gives authority to local law enforcement to arrest these officials.  Finally!  A bill has come along to make it illegal for the federal government to tell the sovereign citizens of Utah what they can and cannot do with essential liberties.  The Sheriff's Association will not enforce federal draconian statutes, and will arrest federal officials; and the gun owning patriots give it teeth!  10th Amendment, FOR THE WIN!

After the official speeches were over, we were dismissed by the announcers and just as respectfully as we stood awaiting for their words of comfort, support, and strength, everyone quickly, and quietly left.  I saw many folks picking up pieces of trash they found, and the grounds were left as clean, if not cleaner, than when we arrived.  Despite the cold, made bitter by a wind that kicked up halfway through the 2-hour proceedings, nobody complained one bit.  Children were bundled and cared for by those of us in the crowd.  We witnessed history in the making today.  When my children ask me what I did to help preserve the 2nd Amendment for them, I will gladly say that among other things, I made my voice heard loudly and proudly with my fellow patriots side by side, shoulder to shoulder, in defiance of the dictates by a president who thinks he's a king, in support of that precious founding document that jump-started this great nation, THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

As I was writing this, I have been receiving reports from friends, and news alike, of similar rally's all over the country with thousands showing.  I would not be surprised if those in attendance, across the nation, numbered from 75,000 to around 100,000.  And this is just the beginning.  You want to piss off the rattlesnake?  We are just getting warmed up!



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