Sunday, February 24, 2013

Emboldened Little Hitlers Popping Up Everywhere!

Take a good hard look at this little dictator.  Yep, you guessed it.  It's Mayor Bloomberg, or as I was told today, Broomturd!  This little Hitler somehow pulled the wool over the eyes of the citizens of New York City and was able to ban soda in containers larger than what, 20 ounces?  16?  I can't remember the figure anymore, but he actually put a limit on the capacity of the container you could drink from.  Oh, you can order more than one drink if you want, but he wanted to limit the volumetric capacity of the vessel said refreshment comes in.  It's a lot like that magazine restriction that the legislators passed for the rest of New York State, only more pathetic and even more meaningless.  He actually thinks that people will somehow drink less soda if restricted in the size of the container it comes in.  No, he must be right.  This pseudo dictator would have you believe that this is actually for your own good.  I guess he's never heard of a refill before.

And now, according to the Washington Times, Mayor Doomberg has extended his ban on high capacity assault soda to officially putting the kibosh on 2 liter bottles of soda with pizza delivery!  You read that correctly.  He has banned the sale and/or transfer of high capacity sodas with your pizza.  No more assault Mt Dew will be coming to your door when you call up Domino's.  Nope, your done!

Got some friends over for a football game?  Wanna order a couple of pies? Then you'd better be willing to shell out some extra greenbacks for your sodas.  According to the Washington Times, you can expect to pay $7.50 to pay for the restricted capacity soda bottles that would only cost you $3 if you bought the high capacity 2 liter soda.  Kid's birthday at the pizza joint?  No carafe of soda for you!  You'll have to order individual sodas instead of the higher capacity, and more economical containers.  Going to a nightclub?  No high capacity bottle mixers for you!  Herr Broomturd has made it illegal to have high capacity fun.  The penalties for such offenses as delivering a 2 liter with your order of pizza?  Hard to say.  But if the treatment of a certain veteran, who was convicted of having a gun magazine with a capacity of over 7 rounds is any indication, I expect you will be incarcerated for next 10 billion years.

I might be mistaken, but my guess is that Dear Leader Bloomberg may have overlooked something.  Normal people only eat about this much pizza (photo to the left) and drink about this much soda.  Yeah, I don't know a lot of folks that'll sit there and wolf down an entire pizza and 2 liter in one sitting, but I suppose it could happen.  But like mass murders with high capacity rifles, it's a rare thing.  In 99% of the cases, a pizza is ordered for a group of people, say a family of four.  The pizza is then split between the interested parties as well as the soda poured into separate, smaller containers, which are then consumed by people.  How this was lost on the almighty wisdom of the Anointed One boggles my mind, and will likely consume my soul for the rest of my years, as I walk this earth trying to understand the logic that this man uses to make decisions in his office.

 In all seriousness folks, what the hell is wrong with this country?  How have we fallen so far that we have allowed ourselves to elect leaders who are more concerned about the size of our soft drink container than they are about our increasing debt crisis?  How did NYC even allow Herr Bloomberg to limit the size of their drinks in the first place?  Are people so lazy, so uncaring, so unconcerned that they don't see the writing on the wall?  These power hungry monsters are testing the waters to see how ready we are to accept tyranny in our time.  Honestly folks, I think we are ripe for the plucking.  The sheeple of this country, by and large, have remained silent far too long.  They don't care about what is written in the Constitution, or what their rights are.  They can't name the Bill of Rights, or describe how each one backs the other.  They are content to buy and buy and buy, and as long as you let them consume, they are happy.  Stomp on my rights all you want, but don't take away my ability to watch the President make an ass out of himself on The View.

It's our fault, people.  It really is.  We have stood idly by far too long, and the uninformed voter, the low informed voter, the Unions, the banks, the Fed, and our educational system have been indoctrinating us far too long.  I would like to think that a peaceful solution to this mess we are in is possible, but the more I see of these emboldened little Hitlers popping up in every state, the more and more I feel that my worst fears will come true: There will be an armed revolution.  My children will live to see it.  We will all lose in one way or another.  And whom do we have to blame but ourselves?  If you want to point the finger at somebody, just look in the mirror.  Yes, I know some have been out there, beating the drums and blowing the whistles and sounding the alarm bells, but as much as I praise you, you have been outgunned.  It's far easier to keep people ignorant than it is to keep them informed.

And now our government is emboldened by our President.  His socialist policies, usurpation of the political processes through executive orders, his naming his political opponents in Washington enemies, and his blatant disregard for the Constitution stand as a rallying cry for all the little bastard politicians who would use their position of authority to trample on the rights of law-abiding citizens who just want to be left alone.  It is at all levels that you see this. From corrupt politicians to gestapo police officers who think that they can trample a man's rights just because they are an authority figure.  Welcome to the New World Order.

You people need to wake up!  I know I'm just beating my head against the wall when I say this.  But no matter.  I'm going to keep screaming it until I can't draw breath any longer.  At least when we're all dead, I can stand at the Pearly Gates and say, "I told you so!"  We need to have our politicians vetted properly.  We need to know who they are BEFORE they get into office.  We need to read the Constitution and know the laws and statutes that govern our states, counties and cities.  We need to know what our rights are so that when ignorant cops stop us for open carrying our firearms, we can tell them, with confidence, "no, I won't show you my ID, and you need reasonable suspicion that I am committing a crime in order to detain me."  We need to know the differences between a right and privilege.  We need to stand together.

I demonstrated, along with fellow patriots, at the Capitol steps yesterday.  Despite horrible weather conditions. we stood there, freezing our asses off, with our spouses, our children, and our friends to protect rights that were granted to us by a higher power - not some arbitrary supreme court justice.  Yet, despite the fact that I was proud to be standing among so many like-minded individuals, who wouldn't miss this event for the world, we could have had more; a lot more.  We need to have a ground swell at our demonstrations.  We need the very earth beneath our feet shake as we march on the Capitol.  We need to pack our government buildings when bills are sent in for committee or a vote.  We need to make every effort to make our voices heard to our representatives so they vote in the favor of THE PEOPLE - not the special interest groups that buy them off.

We need to hold our politicians, judges, and police accountable for the wrongs they commit.  Just yesterday, I was told that a man and his son were accosted by a Utah Highway Patrol officer, who said that his son carrying a rifle on his back was illegal since he was under age.  That's bullshit!  The only requirement that this kid needed was that a responsible adult, his father, was escorting him!  Don't believe me?  Google this: U.C.A 76-10-509(2)  That child learned yesterday just what tyranny felt like.  His rights were being trampled, and he witnessed it.  He didn't learn of it from a history book, or some novel.  He didn't have to imagine what it must have felt like.  He was a victim of it!  He tasted Statism through his own experience.  I hope that awful taste lingers in his mouth for the rest of his life, and that he fights it wherever and whenever it occurs.  I hope that boy grows up to be a champion of freedom - to protect those who need protecting.  I hope he becomes a voice for those who have no voice.

My children will learn of patriotism through their lives.  They will learn by my example, my teachings, and my guidance.  I hope that all that I do today will help preserve what I have been able to take for granted for so many years.  I hope they grow up to be patriot activists like me, willing to be inconvenienced to stand up for what I hold so dear, willing to stand in the cold to demonstrate, willing to encourage others to get active and involved, willing to fight and die to protect freedoms for their posterity.

If we leave this country in worse shape than we inherited it, how can we look at ourselves in a mirror?  I, for one, will do everything I can to preserve the freedom we have left, and - God willing - take back some of what we've lost so that my children, and your children will taste the sweetness of freedom and liberty.



  1. Outstanding summary of the massive intrusion of the government(s)into the freedom of decent Americans who love this country the way is was designed to be via our Forefathers and the Constitution. Thanks for the insightful penning of my concerns as well. We the people must intercede by voice and actions, as you did at the Capitol. Good job, James. I'll pass the link to friends who share our sentiments.

    Durham NC

  2. Well put. Molon Labe!

    Irmo, SC