Saturday, February 23, 2013

Salt Lake City Day of Resistance 2/23

2/23/13, Salt Lake City Day of Resistance rally at the Capitol.  A few hundred of us braved the cold to exercise our First Amendment right to preserve the 2nd.  Today, 2/23, was significant because on Jan 16, 2013, Obama signed 23 executive orders to restrict gun rights of law-abiding Americans without vetting them through the House and Senate.  It also holds significance because the round commonly fired out of America's favorite rifle, the AR-15, is the .223 Remington cartridge.  Additionally, this date holds significance because 2/23/45 is the date that our heroic Marines raised the Flag over Iwo Jima.

For me, the day started last night.  I could feel the flu coming on and it was hitting me hard.  After a few hours of toughing it out, I doped up on some NyQuil and went to bed.  I woke up early today with a pounding headache and sinuses that felt like they were going to explode, but I remedied it with some Robitussin.  After my wife woke up, we got the kids ready, ate some breakfast, and headed out into what we knew was going to be some snow.

We made it out of the driveway, and it hit.  A big storm front was moving over the Wasatch Front and it made the roads very slippery.  Fortunately, our Jeep suffered no loss of meaningful traction, and we arrived about and hour early to the rally.  Experience has taught me that if you want a good parking spot, show up extra early.

About a quarter to the noon start time, we got the kids out, bundled them up, stuck them in the stroller, and made sure we had all the snacks and other goodies needed to keep kids happy.  Then I got out my 3 Percenter Flag and my rifle, and we pushed the stroller up to the Capitol steps.

We had a feeling that turnout might be a bit low because of the weather, so only the most avid supporters of the 2nd Amendment would be there.  We saw a couple kids with rifles slung over their shoulders too.  It was cute, amazing, and heartwarming to see like-minded parents teaching their children to stand for what we believe.  I also met a guy who drove from Idaho to be here in Utah with us.  It was closer for him to drive here than to Boise in a blizzard.  As I've driven in Idaho a couple of times during a blizzard, I tend to agree with his judgment.

After the rally started, more people began to swell the Capitol steps, and we were there holding our signs, our banners, and and weapons in spite of the cold.  I'll say one thing about Mother Nature.  She's a Democrat!  Every rally I've attended this year (three to be exact) has been bitterly cold.  At least the other two rallies didn't involve snow.  My kids were able to tough it out long enough to have news reporters swarm all over them and take pictures, and the National Anthem.  I told my wife to take them back to the Jeep and get warm.  They spent the last hour and a half warming up.  I wanted to stay because I was meeting so many new friends that I have made recently on Facebook and at other rallies.  I also linked up with the leadership from the Utah Militia, and listened to what they had to say.

One thing I can say about gun owners, especially the Dads and Moms who gathered there, they are so friendly and likable.  I would have shaken every hand there if not for the fact that clenching that flag pole in that bitterly cold wind made my hands pretty stiff.  Note to self: Mechanix Gloves are awesome for working, shooting, and general stuff (even in -15 degree F cold), but they do not do well when you are static.  I should have brought my ski gloves, ha ha!

There were some speakers there, but I was making myself busy by mingling and networking.  I gathered with Facebook friends, talked about the Liberty Pathfinders (an organization we have started in UT), as well as just talking about all the cool guns that so many people brought.

There were more awesome rifles and pistols in this group of people than any gun store in Utah!  Of course, I was carrying my Ruger SR556, which by the way got me a ton of compliments.  I also saw a few S&W M&P-15s, a Larue AR-15, a BCM AR-15, a Robinson Arms XCR (7.62x39), a couple of AK's, and even an FS2000.  Impressive.  Some guy walked by with a SBR AR-15 (SBR stands for Short-Barreled Rifle).  Among the rifles, there was a dude with a really nice Remington 870 Tactical that had Mesa Tactical everything it.  He even had the shell carrier loaded with some buckshot.  Then there were pistols.  Oh, pistols of every kind!  I had my Beretta M9A1 under my jacket.  My friend had his XD.  I saw some really nice revolvers in custom leather, drop legs with M&P's in them, of course tons of Glocks, and a particularly nice looking 1911 that I could not identify from my vantage point.  One man brought his son.  They were both carrying AR-15 rifles.  The boy was carrying a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22.  Cute!  I think the best gun present was the Nerf gun that some 8 year old was packing.  It had a sling and everything!

After parading my flag around the grounds, having had my picture taken by God knows how many people and news reporters, the festivities were over.  I shook hands with friends and new acquaintances, and quietly left.  I walked back to the Jeep to get warm.  The People disbanded quietly, quickly, and without incident.  I noted that not a single piece of trash littered the area we demonstrated at.  Gotta love gun owners!  We take care of our garbage, unlike other groups that "occupy" parks and government buildings.

There is bound to be another rally next month. I'll be ready.  For now, I'm going to thaw out and let this cold do it's thing.

-James III%


  1. Awesome...glad to see more people standing up even with nasty democratic weather!

  2. James, that was a great post. Thank you for coming out and braving the storm, despite your condition. You truly are a 3 percenter!