Monday, March 11, 2013

American Freedom Designs

I'm going to take a moment to plug a cool business that my wife created.  It's called American Freedom Designs.  It's a vinyl graphics business dedicated to celebrating patriots all across America.  Started at the beginning of this year, American Freedom Designs was born from the realization that there is a need for patriots to show their pride in a unique way.  It started with the purchase of a vinyl cutting machine, and a custom graphic for me.  You can see it below.

The snake, wrapped around an AR-15, with the words "Molon Labe" (Come and get them) below, was a design I wanted to adorn my 5.56mm ammo box.  Of course, after posting it on Facebook, it spurred a controversy among some of her "friends" and we knew we had a hit.  I have seen her make this snake as big as you see on this standard size Cabelas ammo box to really small - small enough to fit on the back of a cellphone.  Her plotter is capable is making some really intricate vinyl decals for your car, truck, ammo box, laptop computer, or anything you can imagine.  With standard pricing for graphics that she's already designed, she can also make custom vinyl decals with pricing available depending on size.  I encourage you to take a look at the American Freedom Designs (AFD) website at:

Our 2001 Jeep Cherokee.  Adorned with a couple examples of what AFD is capable of doing for you.  Of course, the company logo and website are center stage.  The logo itself is a Spartan Basher Shield.  The purpose of the Basher Shield was mostly defensive, but because of it's weight, and sharp edges, it could be used to kill or maim an opponent.  Obviously, the Basher Shield was a natural choice for the company logo because it represents, not only a patriot's willingness to defend themselves, but the ability to take the fight to the enemy, should our political system fail us completely.  This shield was also used by the legendary 300 Spartans, who defended Thermopylae from the Persian hoards of King Xerxes army.  Fighting to the death, King Leonidas and his brave 300 killed over 20,000 Persians before eventually being overrun, giving Greece enough time to muster armies to come to her defense.  Molon Labe was the battle cry for this epic battle, as King Leonidas defiantly told the Persian army's demands for the Spartans to surrender their weapons.  This same battle cry is echoed over thousands of square miles in these United States as patriots defiantly, and openly, tell our draconian government to "Come and get them" when new anti-gun legislation is introduced.

A signature design made in collaboration with the Utah State Militia and American Freedom Designs, the Three Percenter logo is surrounded by 13 stars with 1776 below it.  Around those stars is the saying, "When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty."  This is the cornerstone of the modern Three Percenter movement.  Getting its heritage from the militias of the Revolutionary War, only 3% of the colonies actually rose up to fight the British.  The guerrilla war that followed demoralized the British Army, as well as Parliament back in England.  The war became so unpopular that eventually the British gave up and left America to its own devices.  The sacrifice of the Three Percenters in those days secured for us the mechanism that allowed the new American Government to draft the Constitution and the Bill of Rights - the supreme document that this nation was founded upon.  Modern Three Percenters believe in getting back to liberty and fundamental constitutional laws.  With the sudden and far reaching movements by the liberal left, and their leaders in government, the modern Three Percent movement is gaining steam.  Their message is liberty.  They want to be left alone, but they are not going to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that liberty isn't at risk of being destroyed.

A customer took this photograph for AFD.  This is actually two vinyl designs combined to make one seriously awesome logo.  A fellow Threeper, he is not ashamed to show the world he is a patriot in every sense of the word.  The words, "Give me liberty or give me death" are credited to founding father Patrick Henry, who used the words in his speech to the Virginia Convention and swayed the vote to deliver American troops to the Revolutionary War.  Among those in attendance were Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.  Both men would go on to be the leaders of these new United States of America.  This phrase helped embolden patriots to stand up for their country and put down tyranny.  We owe these men nothing less than our best.

Other designs are shown on the American Freedom Designs website.  I also encourage you to take a look at the photo gallery: A couple of more notable pictures there are the snake with Molon Labe, custom designed to fit on the back of a cellphone.  Another are the little Molon Labe stickers that are about 3" across, and can go anywhere.  The AFD Jeep has one on it's liftgate strut, so even when the tailgate is open, you know that if you want our weapons, then come and get them!


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