Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Patriot Movement - The Three Percenters

The patriot movement has been gaining a lot of steam lately.  With the insanity surrounding the current administration, it's no wonder why people are waking up to the fact that they are at risk of losing the basic liberties that we've all taken for granted for so long.  So far this year, I've witnessed our President, as well as local governments, put our right to assemble, due process, keep and bear arms, right to be free of unwarranted search and seizures, right of state sovereignty, as well as a litany of other essential liberties being threatened and perverted in such a manner that the Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves right now.

Recently, the SPLC release a revised list of "extremist groups," which they somehow determined through whatever means I don't know.  Many anti-patriot groups have come out telling America that the modern American patriot is a racist and a conspiracy theorist, who bases their opinion on fabrications and hatred.  In fact, the list of hate groups in the state of Utah, where I live, went so far as to include entire counties as well as cities, which includes Salt Lake City.  How do you define an entire city as a hate group?  Did the Department of Homeland Security go through the area and count the number of Obama stickers stuck to the back of Toyota Prius's or something?  Or is is due to the fact that Utah, by and large, didn't vote for Obama?  It's been proven that if you are not in lock step with this president, you get ridiculed and booted out of his cabinet.  The Constitution Party is on this list.  How can that be?  When you look at the policies of this emboldened administration, you come to realize that since the Constitution Party seeks to return our republic to a constitutionally limited government, you bet the SPLC put them on an extremist list, IE: terrorist watch list.

Of course, militias of all kinds are on that list as well.  Now, in some cases, that may be founded in good information.  Some militias are nothing more than armed gangs.  They can be disorganized, hate mongering, groups of racists.  I get that.  But then there are others, like the Utah State Militia, which are bona fide militias in every legal sense of the word.  I can't speak to other state militias, but I can for the Utah State Militia.  If you go to their website ( and scroll to the bottom of the home page, you will find something of interest.  It is a warning to racists, anti-government, potential terrorists, and hate mongerers alike.  It clearly states that while they may not like those who are currently running the government, they respect the system and the seats in government.  In short, the Utah Militia is an organization, dedicated to the preservation of our form of government.

Modern patriots, by and large, are not racists.  We are not hate groups.  We are not anti-government.  In fact, the exact opposite is true.  We are families.  We are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who care about this country and are concerned about the direction it is heading.  We are hard working, independent thinking people.  We are your neighbors.  We are the people who come to your house when your furnace breaks down, or the real estate agent you know.  We are the people up the road that you can count on when you need to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar.  We are the first ones you call when you need a quick hand with a project in your back yard.  The difference between us and the rest of the mainstream people is that we are awake now, and we are concerned about what is happening to our country and liberty.  We are afraid that if we don't make a stand now by actively engaging in our political process, demonstrating, protesting, and voting, we will lose what we have left in terms of essential liberties that are supposed to be inalienable.

I want to talk about myself for a moment.  No, this isn't some need for me to satisfy an ego.  I have a blog.  I have a voice, and I want to make my voice heard.  If you've ever followed this blog before, I have spent considerable time talking about the importance of family.  I've also spent a considerable amount of time talking about the importance of self reliance and the need to be your own protector.  But now I want to get a little personal, because I feel it is the only way I can really talk about what the patriot movement is all about.  Now, of course, there are those with different beliefs than my own, and some may not even believe in God, but that's the beautiful thing about the modern American patriot movement.  We, who have come from all different backgrounds and who have different ideas can agree on one thing: liberty.

I, myself, I am a Christian.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  That's a Mormon.  Shocking, isn't it?  A Mormon living in Utah.  Yeah, I know.  But more than that, I'm a father.  I'm a husband.  I'm a career-driving hard working man, who puts 110% out there every day to provide for my family in the best way I know how.  I have always been involved in the political process.  The first campaign I actively engaged in was a draconian handgun law in the state of Washington.  I was in high school at the time, and even though I couldn't vote, I put the word out.  I passed out fliers, and debated the matter.  I made sure that I reached as many people as I could.  Through the collective grassroots efforts of so many like me, the bill was put down, and the rights of gun owners in Washington State were preserved.  I've walked this line many times in my life.  It seems that as soon as one critical liberty has been saved, it, or another, comes under fire in two more years when new leadership is sworn in.  It's tiring.  It's monotonous, and it's frustrating.  But it's also a responsibility.

Too many people have given their rights away willingly.  The number 1 problem in America is that only 20% of the people actually get out and vote.  That's pathetic!  And when you look at how the votes are done, you see a lot of leftist elements rounding up the poor in buses and trucking them over to the polling places.  They are told to vote for such and such a candidate or such and such a bill, and you will be rewarded.  Because the people that these left wing extremist groups round up are either ill-informed or uninformed, they simply do what they are told.  Why?  Because they are not used to thinking for themselves!  They have become so accustomed to being told what to do that the mere thought of trying to figure out their own destiny scares the ever loving hell out of them.

The country, by and large, is pretty conservative.  It pretty much runs right down the center.  And you need it that way.  Too far in one direction, you have communism.  Too far in the other, you have fascism.  You need that happy medium of enough liberty to truly be free, and enough governance that you do not have anarchy.  Many people, if you asked, would run right down the center too.  The problem is that they themselves may be so wrapped up in their own lives that they "don't have time" to get involved.  Or maybe they are used to being spoonfed propaganda on CNN, MSNBC, or FOXnews that they don't feel it's necessary to do independent research and find out what the real deal is.   Maybe they themselves haven't really looked in a mirror and asked "Just who am I and what do I stand for?"  These people are the vast majority of folks.  They are good people, by and large.  It's just that they haven't been awakened to the serious problems that face America today.  They are more worried about who wins in American Idol or who the next Bachelor is going to pick.  They haven't yet been rocked to the core.

But they are starting to wake up.

More and more, my fellow coworkers have been coming up to me with information.  They have asked me, "hey have you seen this" or "did you hear about that" or "Can you help me figure out what gun I should buy for protection?"  I consider myself in pretty good company in the State of Utah.  My father in-law is a city councilman, and he knows a lot about the current leadership in the state.  People here are more friendly to the idea of the patriot movement.  Heck, people here are just more friendly than Washington State, where I escaped from.  In my work travels, I've gone from western Nevada and back, up to Wyoming, and out east in Utah, almost to Colorado.  I've covered a lot of ground, and I've helped spread the word, as well as take in the opinions and points of views of others, who live in these areas.  People have been so receptive out here, and people seem to have a common goal of getting back to limited government - not some overgrown monstrosity that serves to do nothing more than run our lives from cradle go grave, and tax & fine the very livelihood out of us every step of the way.

Most patriots agree, this nation has way overstepped it's constitutional limitations.  And most patriots agree, it's our own damn fault.  We have been asleep at the wheel far too long.  Luckily, fellow whistle blowers, and other patriots have been honking the horn loud enough that we might all wake up just in time to avoid the ditch that the current administration is driving us into.  All over America, people are starting to organize, to plan, to prepare, and they are watching our leaders like a hawk, speaking the praises of good leaders like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Allen West, and calling for an end to the careers of turncoats like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and the downright enemies of liberty like Dianne Feinstein.

It's not with just our words that we are exercising our freedoms.  We are exercising in through our actions as well.  Many people have been led to believe that preppers and patriots are terrorists in the making, but the exact opposite is true.  We are liberty loving men and women who want to see the rights that we have enjoyed for so long preserved for our children, and their children.  We are engaging politically.  But we are also preparing for a worst case scenario.  Much like the men and women of colonial America, we are not going to be caught off guard or left unprepared.

Three Percenters

I am a Three Percenter.  That doesn't make me a terrorist.  It makes me a patriot.  It makes me a concerned citizen of these United States.  It also means that I have vowed to protect liberty.  By ballot or bullet, we "threepers" are dedicated to the cause of liberty.  And to put it bluntly, we have not ruled out violence as a last resort in our political process.  "When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty."

When King George sent British troops to put down the rebellion that started the Revolutionary War, it took just three percent of the population to harass, fight, demoralize, and force the British to leave America.  The modern III% movement is a group of citizens who will not disarm in the face of draconian gun legislation.  We will do our civic duty to what we must to insure that liberty is preserved.

Today, the III% movement is larger than three percent.  However, if only three percent of the nation decided to act upon the example of the Founding Fathers, then that still amounts to a substantial fighting force of about 3 million men and women.  In September of 2011, the total fighting forces of all military branches in the United States was about 1.5 million strong.  Keep in mind, that a very good portion of those military men and women are on the side of the patriots.  They won't shoot Americans.  They will join them!

I will remind you that the Three Percenters are not war mongering hate groups.  We are citizens who are working hard within the limitations of our laws and government to restore it - not destroy it.  We want to see a return to our constitutionally limited government.  We are waking up the sheep.  We are activating.  We are organizing, and we are training.  We are not interested in killing innocent people.  We are only interested in preserving liberty and defending the rights we have left.  If you think that language is extreme, then chew on this: The Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling billions and billions of hollow-point ammunition, is purchasing large amounts of the very rifles that the government is seeking to take away from us or ban completely, has purchased thousands of armored vehicles and retrofitted them for use on American roads, and they have done all this in spite of the fact that our government spending is out of control and while the economy is in a deep recession.  Why does the DHS need enough rounds of ammunition to engage in a hot war for over 20 years?  Hollow-point bullets are banned by the Geneva Convention.  They can't be used in war.  And because hollow-point rounds are expensive, they aren't practical for target practice.  Just some food for thought.  If the DHS and the government haven't ruled out violence as a means to a political end, then we Three Percenters are preparing to match them force on force.  Believe it or not, rebellion is a part of our political process.  The Second Amendment makes that perfectly clear.  It is a final check and balance, should the executive, legislative, and judicial branches all fail us.  WE THE PEOPLE are the final check.

And it wouldn't have to be this way, except so many are just willing to roll over and let the government do what it wants because it's for the greater good.  The problem with the greater good is that we are a constitutional republic.  That means that even if 9 out of 10 people wanted an outright ban on guns, the government has a responsibility to uphold the Constitution and tell them that they can't do it because it violates the supreme document that we use for laws and governance in this country.  You need to stop watching Piers Morgan make an ass out of himself when he tells the American people that you need to do what Congress tells you.  It's the opposite, folks.  Congress was put there to do the will of THE PEOPLE!  They are public servants!  They are not royalty.  And if the masses would get their asses out and vote, the bad leaders in this country would get pink slipped in just one or two election cycles, guaranteed!

I truly believe that the Founding Fathers were inspired men.  It is no coincidence that this group of men were all in the right place and the right time to change history for the better.  No matter what you believe, America is still the greatest country on earth.  Despite her faults, and there are many, no one in the world still enjoys the most basic and simple liberties as we do.  Just the idea that we have the ability to think and act as we please, to create our own destiny, and to exercise our political might is completely foreign to people who still live under monarchical rule or other soft tyranny.  A good example of this is what my father in-law told me last night.  He and his wife were in Dubai on vacation recently.  While participating in a dune run, they asked the driver of the Toyota they were four-wheeling in if he liked his job.  The man's response was "I have to like my job."  It was a simple thing, but it spoke volumes of the freedoms we have taken for granted in this nation.

Because I believe the Founding Fathers were inspired men, I do not believe they have simply abandoned us because they are dead.  I firmly believe that they are working on the other side to inspire men like me, as well as the other patriots in this nation, to become vocal about the preservation of liberty, and to do whatever it takes to make that happen again.  God is on our side because God inspired these men.  God will not fail us if we do not fail him.  If this offends you, I do not apologize.  It is my belief, and you can take it or leave it.

Now I'm not saying it won't get any worse.  I think it will get a lot worse before it gets better.  Things aren't hard enough for the citizens who are still in a deep deep slumber.  Something extreme will have to happen to awaken them.  And it won't be something the Three Percenters will do.  It's something the government will do.  It's something the government has done.  With more and more draconian laws and bills coming at us from every direction, it's only a matter of time before our constant vigilance fails us, and they sneak something by us in the middle of the night to subvert our liberties.  They have been going after the low hanging fruit.  They are going after magazines for guns, soda pop for fat people, internet restrictions, etc.  They have voted to make it easier to label someone a terrorist so due process gets thrown out the window.  Three Percenter?  Drone strike!  It's legal now.  Go look it up.

Some folks have said I need to stay quiet about this if I intend to see myself free in the future.  They say I'm going to be put on a watch list or some crap.  Well, if I'm on a watch list, there is a good chance I won't get off this list.  And if this be our end, then I choose to die a free American than live on my knees as a slave to a government that wishes to leech the last ounce of freedom I have before it spits me out and throws me into a dumpster.  The time for being quiet is over.  We need to let our voices be heard. We need to shout it loud enough so that the propaganda machine is drowned out.  We need to organize, prepare, and we need to show the nation that we are just normal people who care about this country and want to see it preserved, not just for ourselves, but for those who hate us.

Many people voted for Obama, or other senators and representatives based on one reason, ignoring the 25 others that affect them in ways they do not yet know, nor care about.  Gun rights?  Eh, who needs em?  But abortion on demand?  I can get on board with that!  Seriously, folks, that's how some people think.  They are so hyper-focused on one thing that they cannot see the forest through the trees.  As for me, my only focus is liberty.  You can be a conservative, democrat, or liberal, but as long as you support liberty, I support you.  Because my support of liberty gives you and me all the rights that we hold dear to us, I am working for you, even if you hate me or disagree with me.  But that's fine.  Should the day come where I have to take up arms to preserve liberty for you, my only wish is that you understand that if they find me face down in the dirt with an empty magazine and a hot barrel, I did it for you.

James III%


  1. Very profound, and well written James. Thank you for getting involved, and spreading the word! I will do my part, and share your blog. Keep it up, the wildfire is spreading! -Mike London

  2. James, this is excellent. I sent it out on Twitter also. Awesome, and I agree. --Max Johnson

  3. Wow, you said it all! So many out there need to read this. Thank You!

  4. Well written James. Thank you and I
    will be passing this on to help educate Thank you again.

  5. Sharing with everyone I know!

  6. Fuck em if they cant take a joke

  7. Interesting read. I appreciate that you and other persons are waking up to the real conditions happening in the United States of America. In your first paragraph you listed some of the losses of the Liberties you are witnessing. These are brought about by the implementation of the "Patriot Act." This Act predates the current administration, but it is one of the major vehicles that allows the current administration (or any for that matter) to engage in those activities you have listed. I am of the opinion that it does not matter in today's political theater which party is the majority or wins the White House, the structure that is in place which allows the repression of your civil rights, will be used by either party. One of the most egregious losses you list as "due process", also known as Habeus Corpus. A hard fought for and long standing civil right first used in 1308, see ( I only mention it because "due process" doesn't seem to give it the full weight of its historical claim and armor. I think that the reason people are waking up, is that rather than just listening to someone on a soapbox yelling about these potential losses, they are seeing those behavior in action. I feel the need to caution, this is not a Democrat thing, nor a Republican thing. Those who stand to benefit from the reduction in our civil rights belong to neither party, nor do they affiliate themselves with any nation. Failure to understand this precept and its massive implications is a failure to understand the true scope of the problem.

  8. I trust most militias more than the propaganda spewed by corporate-owned media whose prophet is profit and too often the media supports the moneyed and corporate interests that OWN THE MEDIA while spitting upon the masses of common folks of the USA.