Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Victory Today

We gun owners said that this latest vote in the battle for gun rights is a victory.  Obama asked, "Victory for what?"  Allow me to answer:  It is a victory for the Constitution, for the 2nd Amendment, and for liberty.  That's what.

It is a victory because you didn't get your way after lying about how many people actually supported UBC.  90% of the American people don't support UBC.  Know how I know?  Because you can't even get 90% turnout at the polls, you fool!  How are you going to expect 90% of people to suddenly weigh in favor of such draconian legislation that does nothing but subvert the rights of American citizens.  Perhaps 90% of the people surveyed in downtown Manhattan were in favor, but that's certainly not a good representation of the rest of America.

This is a victory because it shows that the American People are starting to wake up to the lies and filth you spread.  It is not that the House caved to pressure.  It's that THE PEOPLE have spoken and our leaders finally listened.  You ought to thank those who voted to kill this piece of legislation.  They may have just averted a 2nd revolution.

James III%

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